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Small Business

Register Your Business Before Marketing
Legal Small Business Startups

Launching Your Business – Five Things You Should Do Before Marketing It

LAUNCH AND REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS If you are anything like me, whenever I get a great idea, I can’t wait to tell the world about it. I don’t know how many times I began put the carriage before the horse, to later have to turn right back around and start over, the right way. Many […]

by Raphaella • December 7, 2017
Marketing Small Business

First Impressions – Your Website is Your Handshake

Have you ever walked into a store with dirty counters, offset colors, no cohesive decorations (unless we are dealing with a hippie store), there is a horrible smell and everyone is wearing torn clothes?  The owner puts out his right hand towards your for a handshake and you can’t help but notice dirty fingernails and […]

by Raphaella • November 4, 2017
why reviews matter
e-commerce Small Business

Reviews Matter – Bring Your Site Up to Speed

Reviews can be a great channel for businesses to thrive, both positive and negative ones. Think of it as your digital word-of-mouth. If people are not talking about your business, you could be missing out on sales opportunities. According to a survey conducted by Bright Local, 88% of consumers have trusted online reviews as a […]

by Raphaella • August 21, 2017
Sales Small Business

Better Buyer Ambassadors

Why Should Your Sales Team Become Better Buyer Ambassadors? I have lost count on the numerous times I’ve randomly helped a hesitant customer, in a store, make a decision by saying things like: “You should definitely choose that flavor, it’s delicious!” Or “That’s how I got these muscles on my calves, those leg weights are everything!” And each […]

by Raphaella • August 14, 2017