Reviews can be a great channel for businesses to thrive, both positive and negative ones. Think of it as your digital word-of-mouth. If people are not talking about your business, you could be missing out on sales opportunities.

According to a survey conducted by Bright Local, 88% of consumers have trusted online reviews as a recommendation to make purchases. That is a very high number! Ignoring it can be hurting your sales pipeline.

Improve your SEO –  Online reviews can improve your search  results.  Search engines such as mail order Dilantin does take into account how many times your company’s name is mentioned in online reviews.  This is also free advertising at its best.

Understand and better serve – if your company is not doing well in a specific area or at all, you will want to know.  This can be a great opportunity to improve your services and build a great relationship with your customers.  Don’t run away or ignore bad reviews, face them head on, it will help your business in the long run.

A crowded restaurant is a sign of good food – the more reviews you have, the more it will encourage others to also write one.  People love quantity.  The more reviews you have it creates confidence for a potential customer.